Womens Shoetrends 2016

Our women's shoes for 2016 are the perfect feminine fusion of heritage and craftsmanship: breathtaking new silhouettes, inspired by authentic shoes from the past, freshened up with delicate details trending in the here and now. Discover your favourite women's shoe trend of 2016, matching your personal style - from seductive pastel shades, glamorous sporty chic shoes and perfect vintage-inspired shoes to vibrant summer colours for every occasion.


Pure pastel temptation: delicious, luxurious glossy patents and matte leathers in soft chalks, blushing pinks, light blues and timeless silhouettes. Our new collection of smart womens shoes recalls the stylish '60s, when Twiggy, the Beatles and Mods were the ambassadors of British style. Elegant, yet infused with a certain understated British charm.

Pastel colours
Crisp Kendra


The sporty trend for those whose everyday style is a mix of casual and athletic. Discover completely new silhouettes and fabrications, from traditional to contemporary. The highlight of this collection is our innovative Trigenic range with flexible soles, made of super lightweight materials and featuring premium artisanal detailing.

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Glove Glitter
Coll Island


Future meets past: treasured artisan techniques from the past have been revived to create smart yet relaxed styles with a futuristic vintage shoe look. '70s clogs, metallic brogues and ultra-durable sandals with Polyveldt construction breathe true retro spirit, with woven details and contrast stitching, whilst cork, metallics and a light colour palette give a fresh feel.

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Damara Rose

Marlina Ramble, Cut-Out Shoes for women with trendy buckles and pointy toe shape | Clarks.eu
Marlina Ramble


We love the summer, packed with all sorts of occasions! Celebrate in style with bold and bright colours, mixing in tropical hues that perfectly match your mood of the moment. Discover your favourite colour trend of 2016 in our wide range of summer flats and elegantly sculptured strappy sandals! Choose your weapon for the rainbow riot!

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Clovelly Cool
Romantic Moon