"Responsible business is good business, and vice versa. And that's why behaving responsibly is important to us. It also comes as second nature, compelled by enduring values shaped by the Clarks family ethos - an inherent willingness to do the right thing for consumers, shareholders, employees and the community alike.

Our Behaving Responsibly programme plays an important role in helping us to manage our responsibilities, minimise our impacts and live up to the expectations of our stakeholders. Not just on our doorstep, but in all four corners of the globe. It's part of our business foundations, supporting us in moving forward as a successful global business.

We know that there are always opportunities for us to do more and we welcome your feedback - please email us with your comments via englishsupport@clarks.eu"

About Us

We're the world's number one in everyday footwear - a global company designing, innovating, manufacturing and selling more than 50 million pairs of shoes every year.

We've grown massively since Cyrus and James Clark began making sheepskin slippers in 1825. But the principles which have helped us become a tried and trusted international brand remain the same. Just like our home. Now as then, it's Street in Somerset. Our reach extends far beyond our West of England headquarters though, with retail stores throughout the UK, Americas, Europe and Asia; offices in countries including the UK, US, China, Japan, and Poland and distribution centres in the USA and UK.

Outside of our direct operations, we also have:

  • franchise stores, operated by third parties under the Clarks brand
  • wholesale activities, selling our branded products through other retailers
  • a joint venture partnership in India
  • supply chain operations, operated by third parties, producing and moving our products around the world

For more information about where and how we operate around the world, click here.

Our Approach

As a global retailer, the scale and diversity of our operations means that we face a wide range of social, environmental and ethical challenges. To make sure we focus our efforts where it matters most, we work to understand and prioritise the impacts of our business, taking into account what's important to our employees, consumers, shareholders and others. We then develop programmes to focus on our performance in these priorities issues.

In this section of our website you can find out more about our approach to Behaving Responsibly.