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Dream it. Make it. Play it

On your marks, get set, play! Step inside the enchanted PLAYPRINTS WORLD on Roblox and join the PLAYPRINTS heroes in mystical lands to conquer the coolest creative quests. Ace every level with the help of their super-powered kicks – from whizzing across Sandy Flats to deep-sea diving in Shimmer Lagoon. And explore the Crystal Cave virtual store to gear up your gaming, transform your avatar and play your way. The only limit? Your imagination!

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Meet Your Playprints Heroes


Age: 60 million years

Species: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Homeland: The Forgotten Forest

Super power: Mega strength

Likes: Old-school hip hop, extreme sports, skating, bling

Fun fact: There ain’t no party like a pre-historic party! Boasting beatboxing genius and tons of cool stories, Rex is the life and soul of any jungle jam.


Age: 17

Species: Aquatic Alicorn

Homeland: Shimmer Lagoon

Super power: Underwater access

Likes: Protecting marine life, exploring, dancing, pop music

Fun fact: Enchanting Esme can transform her flippers into dazzling hummingbird-like wings, ready to join forces with her fellow PLAYPRINTS heroes above the water!


Age: 25

Species: Cheetah

Homeland: Sandy Flats

Super power: Super speed

Likes: Athletics, breakdancing, yoga, grime music

Fun fact: After every race, born entertainer Clowder delights adoring crowds with his trademark grin and power poses!


Age: 14

Species: Woodland Fairy

Homeland: Magic Falls

Super power: Shrinkability

Likes: Swimming, camping, adventuring, playing the guitar

Fun fact: Trouble afoot in Magic Falls? Maple whips up a trusty sparkle lasso using fairy dust to save the day, so nothing disturbs the lagoon’s picture-perfect peace.

Play Your Way

Supercharge your style and guarantee you crush your quest with awesome customisations at the Crystal Cave virtual store. Look fly in fairy-winged shades or grab those top scores in lasso-laced Desert Boots. And how about fire-powered cheetah sneakers? Feline fine. Make your mark and let your imagination – and your kicks – run wild!

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