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Inspired by the perfect efficiency of nature and the elements, we’ve evolved the Nature series this winter with editions that stay true to the minimalism so inherent in Clarks DNA. With the most advanced footbed cushioning and ultimate flexibility, Nature offers high-impact comfort, so you have the freedom of motion to connect with the elements and let your obsessions burn brightly.

The principles of nature

The latest evolution of Nature perfectly blends sports DNA and advanced footwear science for extreme winter comfort.

Foot first
An asymmetric, foot-shaped fit created around a hand-carved wooden last.

Inside. out
Form defined by the most advanced footbed structure and science.

High impact comfort
A combination of pioneering new materials, construction and technologies.

Optimal. Minimal
Optimal form and function from minimal component parts.

At the core of the Nature series is the implementation of optimal form and function while sustaining the minimalism that is so inherent in the Clarks DNA. Inspired by the foot in every aspect of its build, the Nature collection is intent on creating natural fit and feel footwear.

Without obsession, life is nothing

With Nature’s iconic look and organic comfort, new silhouettes bring a functional focus with innovative technical materials for adventurers taking on the elements.

Image of surfer Manon Lanza's face looking at camera
Image of surfer Manon Lanza from the back in the ocean Image of surfer Manon Lanza's face looking at camera

Manon Lanza @allonsrider

Passion and obsession is at the heart of every day for surfer Manon Lanza.

"Surfing is hard, but it’s like nothing else. more paddling hours than seconds on the board. litres of salt water in the body and sand in the eyes."

"But surfing is also a search, being in the line-up, forgetting everything but the next swell, watching for the next wave. It’s paddling back out once more, ten times. It’s to fill with salt water but to empty our mind. It’s to be amazed  by the progress of our friends.   It’s to pull our friends by the leash when they’re at arm’s length. It’s opening our eyes in a duckdive – even if it  stings – to catch a glimpse of the sun’s rays through the water. It’s to surpass ourselves, to be afraid and to  challenge our limits. It’s magic.   It’s addictive. That’s what I like. More than anything in the world."

Image of skier Austin Ross going down a mountain Image of skier Austin Ross' face
Image of skier Austin Ross' face

Austin ross @austinross88

Austin Ross, a professional skier, speed rider and ‘lover of land, sky and sea’ lives and breathes his passion daily.

"Before sunrise, I feel the dull ache of yesterday’s adventures as my feet touch the cold morning floor. With coffee to wake the mind, and music to wake the soul, I arrive at the trailhead on the mountain pass north of my hometown. Standing under the snow-covered trees, I hear the grumble of a snowplough scraping ice from the dark, windy highway off in the distance."

"My headlight glows on the snow as I weave through the trees, the smell of fresh pine mixing with ski wax on my journey to the peak. As dawn appears, the sun colours the snow field pink, and snowflakes catch the morning light, sparkling like diamonds all around me. Taking in my surroundings, I pause and inhale deeply, feeling the pleasant sting of the fresh mountain air on my nose and lips. “My stomach tightens as I push towards the edge of the mountain and stare down the twisting couloir and its high granite walls. After a final gaze across the quiet kingdom, I begin sliding. Turn by careful turn, I navigate the mountain as if to solve a life-size puzzle, knowing that each decision could have dire consequences... Eventually I return to my truck, the light of day lost behind the mountains to the west, my clothes wet and cold from a day of climbing, skiing and flying in my home mountains. And, drifting into sleep, I dream of the next day’s mission..."

Inspired by the elements

Evolution of Nature

Date of creation of the first Nature shoe

Birth of an Icon: Nature I - III

Birth of an Icon: Nature I - III

Making its debut in 1982, Nature celebrated Clarks time-honoured excellence in creating stitch-down shoes and answered a growing demand for contemporary, casual footwear. The early Nature was a distinctive shoe with unusually heavy leather and revolutionary underfoot comfort including Clarks Active Air technology. Ground-breaking in its innovation, Active Air uses a network of channels in the shoes’ soles to cushion every step.

The first reinterpretation of the Nature design

Redefined. Redesigned. Reborn Nature IV

Redefined. Redesigned. Reborn Nature IV

An evolution of Nature, Nature IV embodies technological vision, an obsession with finding the beauty in simplicity and a passion for comfort without compromise.

Nature conceived to shield you from the elements

Evolved Nature Nature V

Evolved Nature Nature V

Nature V. The next step in the evolution of Clarks Nature. The principles of the original remain. A new boot profile introduces protective and flexible moulding, ultrasoft nubuck uppers and a tongueless seal around the foot. Everything it takes to combat the elements.

Nature concept empowering womens with the Star Wars | Clarks collaboration

Force of nature Star Wars

Stronger than she knows Kylo Ren Force of nature Introducing a unique Star Wars | Clarks collaboration for women and girls celebrating the force of female power.

Streamlined Nature - Nature VI for Speed

Streamlined Nature VI For Speed

Nature VI evolves the long-standing principles of the Nature range, adapting the model to the rigors of daily life and implementing athletic modifications for a more streamlined fit.