Inspired by life’s little pleasures: forest walks, sunset strolls, exploring new places, and heading off on long awaited adventures.


Unstructured builds in the comfort to pursue passions, the flexibility to explore and the science to enhance the life you lead.

Maximised movement. Science behind the style. Refined comfort.

Unstructured by Clarks principles for instant comfort in the life you lead.

Science behind the style

Image of Shoe cut-out, showing our science behind the shoe
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We believe in putting more in, so you can get more out. Our meticulous design and unrivalled construction mean instant comfort, so you can focus on new experiences
and exciting discoveries, night and day.


Designed to complement your natural walking motion and enhance energy, gently curved Wavewalk minimises demand on your foot, freeing you to live the life you want, in comfort.

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Cushion Max

Ultra-soft Cushion Max absorbs everyday impact using precision technologies and innovative lightweight materials, so you can love life in ultimate comfort.

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Adventure awaits

Unstructured delivers unrivalled construction, paired with premium materials and finishes, in a choice of profiles to carry you wherever your day takes you.

Image of Sole from Unstructured Shoe